Who we are

Le Metissage di Diala Kante is a goldsmith laboratory based in Milan.

Diala Kante is the goldsmith that with determination and perseverance has given rise to the activity. Diala was born in Dakar, Senegal , in 1983. First of 7 children he spent his childhood outdoors running and playing football on the beautiful beaches of Africa.

At the age of 7 years old, during breaks at school, he began attending his grandfather goldsmith laboratory. There his love for jewellery was born. At 17, he finished his studies , he began working as an apprentice in the workshop of his uncle in the ” Village Artisanal ” in Dakar.

10 years after he is a known goldsmith in Dakar, he runs a shop producing gold and silver jewels and selling them to the public . All his works are made entirely by hand. Much of his family is goldsmith, and make this work in Senegal and around the world , in New York and Paris.

In 2010 Diala meets an Italian girl, in Senegal for a humanitarian mission , and decides to follow her to Italy to build a life with her. He follows a specialization course in jewelery in Piedmont that allows him to refine and improve his skills.

Today Diala has a family and a laboratory in Milan and he combines the taste of European style to that of his country of origin. From here and from the interweaving of cultures and colors that is his family, the name of his business has been created “Le Metissage .”