Wedding rings with rounded section in 18k white gold with a smooth surface that incorporates a pink gold thread that runs along it in a helical way and recalls in its line the Moebius strip.

Height 4 mm, tickness 1.8 mm


The processing is entirely manual starting from the fusion of gold, the drawing of the gold wire to the final polishing; for this reason, the dimensions may differ slightly more or less from the nominal values shown above.


The price is for the pair of rings and includes the engravings and the certificate of 18k.
Any customizations can be made with an additional cost to be defined.


On request and with a price to be defined, the wedding rings can be made in Fairmined certified ethical gold


In the order specify:
- the sizes of the rings and the type of measure (Italian, French, etc.)
- the engravings to be made


We offer the possibility to assist and participate in the realization of this type of wedding rings: a few hours in a historic Milan workshop to see the birth of their jewels, following our course-experience "Create your wedding rings!"


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